Purchase code Verification - WordPress Plugins

Hi there!

I wanted to ask,

  • Can we lock out a user from using the plugin completely (no access until purchase is verified)?
  • How will the review team check the plugin if its locked by the purchase code verification. Can we provide them a dummy code to test the plugin?
  • Can we allow only one instance of the plugin per purchase code?

Thanks for your time!

  • For ThemeForest: Basic theme features should work without any plugin. You can use a way to activate the plugin after the verification
    For CodeCanyon: You will need to provide the all working structure but the activation could be use for the automatic updates and verification purposes only.

  • TF: I think they can create “demo” code to check the theme with the verification.
    CC: You can’t lock the plugin.

  • No. You’re allowing the users the theme and plugins as the way they want/wish. You cannot limit the plugin usage by purchase code. The plugin should be fully functional.