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Hello, everybody!

I have a question regarding the terms of use of Codecanyon, the question is whether I can hide such functionality in my scripts that would initially make my scripts inactive, and after the purchase I personally activated them in accordance with the purchase code, this is done in order to prevent pirated copies of my scripts!

In other words, the situation will look like this:

1 - The buyer pays for my script on codecanyon and downloads it

2 - If he installs it on a localhost, then it will work without any problems

3 - If he installs it on a live server, then the script requires manual activation on my part by binding this script to n domains or to one, and only then it will work only on these domains

4 - If someone tries to use my script without a license, then it will be very difficult or even impossible for him

All this is done to verify the fact that, when I manually activate it individually for each customer, in order to make sure that he has a license for this

Will it be acceptable for the market or will be regarded as a violation of the rules, Please answer who can!

Best regards, MansurTL!

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Yes you can but while uploading you need to mention that to reviewer(well at-least i do that). and there are lots of script which uses this kind of verification base on purchase code. such as SmartSchool, also WordPress plugin and theme do same but they do not restrict the access simply show that alert about not verified.

In my .net application i do use this kind of manual licensing system which uploaded under app category.

No this is not allowed.

You can restrict ‘certain features’ like updates, demo content etc. and require purchase code verification but you cannot entirely block the basic functionality.

Even then the right way to do this is via Envato API/purchase code NOT manually controlled by you - that again would not go down well with the reviewer.

While this might help trouble general users, unfortunately because you cannot limit the code that is downloaded or obfuscate it, I am yet to see many ways that can’t fairly easily be side stepped by someone with reasonable technical knowledge.

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