Profitable category for the HTML template


Is there anyone here who can help me choose a profitable category for the HTML template or at least give some advise?

What is popular right now? Something complicated and highly specialized (like an admin panel) or just classic landing pages?

My current items: see link.

Thank you.

Utilize this one

Browse each category and choose what is best selling last week and choose what you like to work with.

Hello, @swlabs! Thank you for your reply!

Yes, already did this. But it’s pretty subjective answer. I would like to hear some advice from author’s experience. For example, you have achieved 4500 sales and almost 40 items. What category do you find the most profitable for you? :slight_smile:

The admin panels can be very profitable in the long run. I know authors making decent living having only admin panel templates in portfolio - no Wordpress (which is considered to be main source of good income). Just make sure to try to look at it from the point of view of developer as all admin templates are further used for conversion to some platform by a web developer.

Providing options like SAAS / SCSS files, embedding gulp for fast deployment, etc… will give you a huge advantage. Lastly, of course good design and carefully picked functionality / structure are of importance.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for your reply, @uiuxaesthetics! Quite useful advice. But, again, it is very subjective opinion based on someone else’s experience. :wink:

I have already spent hours to make a little research and have found that such admin panels can be really very profitable in the long run. But it is too much time to spend for development for a small team. :tired_face:

Meanwhile, I see so many small HTML-templates (cv, portfolio, product landing and so on) on the market which has 500+ sales. So many sales for so low budget project.

Looks like I formed my question a little bit wrong. I would like to know what is the most profitable category for the HTML-template for a low budget project?

Maybe someone here has some kind of research of audience of market? Or some their own experience that they can to share? :wink:

Here’s the deal - while its true that 1 or 2 years ago and back it was possible to have good sales with low-budget HTML templates, my last observations show it is not possible nowadays unless you are extremely lucky. What you have are 2 options - go with low budget and create a template, then create another after some time, and iterate over and over, or put 5x time and money on creating a very good base you could build upon your future projects. I personally would recommend the option 2 as its the only way to get some reliable income.

Also worth to note that after the introduction of Envato elements sales have a HUGE drop for HTML templates. And with so many templates available for 29$/month the whole collection, you will not survive without decent base and big, quality product. The good old days of Themeforest being a very nice income source for majority of the authors are long gone, now its a furious competition with very few survivors / winners.

Just my 2 cents.


Hm, interesting… Pretty useful tips. Thank you! :+1:

I agree, that the option 2 is better. But it includes risks that your huge work may not be as profitable as you expect. You may spend a lot of time and money to make something really cool and beautiful but the market has it’s own rules. How did you learn to avoid risks when you develop one perfect template? :wink:

Heard about sales drop after Elements has launched. But looks like it is quite hard for newbie to become a contributor. Too many criterias here:


Hello, i think this service will help you you to choose most profitable category in future
This is how it works:

I guess this table will be interesting for you: all data presented with 7 day sales

Good luck

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It make no difference what category you go for if the item is decent quality.

Creative = more competition but more buyers to compensate
Corporate = less competition but less people looking for items in that style.

If you focus on functional quality that is versatile but at the same time clear to a buyer why it is the right choice and how their site would look/work then you stand the best chance

Thank you! Very interesting tool!

Thank you!