Niche HTML Templates With Relatively Good Sales, Looking For Experienced WordPress Devs

I have couple of HTML templates with relatively good sales. Now I’m looking for expert authors who is willing to convert them into WordPress. Let’s discuss for the collaboration possibilities.

Here are my items:

I am interested in this, please check my terms -> Collaboration. PSD, HTML and WordPress let me know if you’re interested in it.

I liked the Premise and Buildm Template.


45-55? you get 70% as you’re an elite author right?


please add me in skype:

Hi, i’m also interested in making my html themes converted to wordpress themes for sell.May a add
you on skype?

hey, haven’t heard anything from you yet


Can you email me -> markabucayon[at]gmail[dot]com been busy that is why I did not respond right away. Thanks