Profile Avatar - Question

Hi guys!

I recently noticed that my avatar on the profile page is displayed strangely.
I rendered it as a .PNG file with a transparent background.
And it always worked well with all my previous variants logos.

However, now it works well only in the search results or in my Portfolio page:

While on the profile page it still has a white square background behind the circle:

Though it should be displayed like this (without a white square):

What is the magic and what am I doing wrong? :slight_smile:

For some reason, Envato has hardcoded a class on your avatar called “has-background” which adds a white background behind the image. I don’t see it there for other authors. I guess you’re special… :sweat_smile:

Might be worth opening a ticket so an engineer can have a look since this is an issue on their side.

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Hmm, big thanks @baileyherbert !
*gone to open a ticket

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Maybe you can try changing this setting


Omg, thanks :pray:
I never saw this little insidious setting before :slight_smile:
It worked. But I have already opened a ticket to support :grimacing:

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