Products - Whats the difference


Whats the difference but buy one single wordpresss theme, or having a subscriotion to Envato for 14 euros?

Can i suddenely decide that i dont want the subs with losing the theme taht i allready have downlaoded?


Envato Elements subscription allows you to download items ONLY from Envato Elements site ( and those items do not come with support or updates.

Elements is great for assets like photos, vectors, graphics, etc., but using it for WordPress themes is IMHO not really that useful, unless you are a skilled WP developer and are more than able to fix any issues and figure stuff yourself.
WP theme without updates is almost worthless (unless again, you are a WP dev). There is always new WP version coming out every few months which very often requires theme authors to update their themes to maintain the compatibility. Buying WP theme separately from ThemeForest is usually much better investment long-term. So keep that in mind if WP themes are your main focus.

Also, you can’t re-download the theme if you cancel your subscription.

BTW that 14 euros price is only if you sub for whole year which means you have to pay for whole year so it is 14 euros * 12 + local taxes.

Hi Again,

Thanks for your answer.

I have now bought a theme, and would like to download the invoices? where can i do that?


Under Statements tab on your dashboard

Also you will get pdf invoices in your email inbox after the purchased done.