Problems with theme adventure tours and the po file

to change words from English into German I edit the “adventure-tours-de_DE.po” file with poedit.
After work I saved the file into the same languages folder with the mo Version. But nothing happend. The Englisch menue- words are furthermore there.
What Iám doing wrong?

Change language in admin to German. Open file name “adventure-tours-de_DE.po” and save it as “de_DE.po” - in Poedit. Then it should work.

Very nice. It works. But there are any words that I`cant finde in the …tours.po like “Request a quote” on the produkt or tour site. Is there an other place where I have to do something and translate words?
Thank you.

If there are no translated words hm… maybe author forgot about some words or they are from some installed plugin ? Without code it’s impossible to say.