Visual Composer Language Edit

where can I edit the language of the Visual Composer?
Perhaps the Contact Form and other this?
Where is the PO file to finde?
Thanks for fast support.

However, not all plugins are translated. The “Contact Form” is only in english and I can´t change it with the po files found on plugins/js_composer/locale
I put this two lines to the bottom of the js_composer-de_DE.po file, but it doesn´t work, can some one help me?

msgid "Contact Form"
msgstr “Kontaktformular”

Thanks Folks

Hi Mistacup,

can you tell me how did you solve this problem?


It would be graet if you share how you translate it !


Sorry for late response, didn’t see it before.
You need an po editor like at and edit the translation file there.
But keep in mind, the editor will save to files after editing the .po file and the other was a .mo file I think.
The 2 lines I translated before didn’t work cause there are two files which must be edited and a po-editor will do the work for you and save the second file you need.
The translation will work with that editor.
Good luck.
Best wishes,