problems with the activation code

hi there!

this is my first post, so hi everyone and sorry if i am writing in a wrong sub-forum

well, i am trying to activate the code of my template in my wordpress and i get this error:
Envato API is down, please try again later or use the manual registration

i have tried it for a week, so i guess envato api is not down :slight_smile:
could anybody help me please?

Hi @DiarioABC

I am not sure but may be you are not using the latest api. Please contact your purchased theme author and let them know. If they didn’t update the legacy api to modern api then they should update the api.

All theme in themforest should use the latest api. so, please make sure you are using the latest evrsion theme.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


thanks a lot!