Problems with Stack theme - help appreciated


I am using the Stack-theme for the webpage I am administrating.
It has been working ok, but lately I cannot add/edit links in the page I want to edit.
I get into Wordpress admin-page and get into the page I want to edit, but first off all I doesnt show properly when I first open it, and when I get to the page I want to edit, I cannot add or edit links in the text, as I could before. When I puch the “Insert/edit link” button, nothing happens.

If need this to work.

Any help is appreciated,

-Svein Ola

Are you using the latest copy of the theme, up-to-date plugins, and WP version?

It does sound like a theme issue so it would be best to email the author

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Hi and thank you for your feedback!

Yes, the WP-verison and plugins should be up tp date.
Are there also theme-updates now and then? Do you know how to see if your theme is updated?

And thanks for the info to contact the author, I didnt know that it was possible as I bought it over 3 years ago, but I will check it out!

In 3 years there will be numerous updates - on the item page there is often a changelog at the bottom of the description with dates and what was changed

Updating over 3 years - you need to be careful as there has been a lot of changes in that period so back everything up properly before trying anything