Problem with width of class="service-box", Parallax One theme

Hi, I have a problem with “service boxes” in Parallax One theme (a problem with the size of boxes when my website is scaling to different resolutions). Is it possible to do, that boxes will be always equal, regardless of the amount of text inside them? What should I do in CSS or HTML?


contact with your item author here

hope they will solved your issue.


Boxes transform at different resolutions and they have different lengths (they are uneven). It’s about the bottom line.

Hi @domsol

If you place different amount of text then the box size will be different and design will break. So the best solution is keep same amount of text for each service and a details/read more link. Another solution can be set a height of the service box and set overflow: hidden; in css. You can set different box height in different resolution for different device responsive view.


Thanks :slight_smile: for Your help! It should work :slight_smile: Best regards… Dominik