Prallax-Multipurpose E-commerce PSD Template rejected


Hello my friends.
How are you? I hope that all are pretty good . This psd got rejected . I don’t understand what is problem . I have working lot of eCommerce theme . This theme what is problem on envato market direct reject my psd template .Please all are give me some feedback how can i got approved this psd file


same link just put home 04 link for check home page number 3


Your typography is too small for so rejected your template .psd


Thanks for your feedback buddy .buddy can you give me specific feedback Over all typography is too small or just heading or body typography is too small.


All pages, you can change fonts 14 or 15pt fonts in photoshop.


Realway fonts use as body font like 12-13px this is standard size buddy my another all theme i have use as same system . Thanks for your feedback . do you have another suggest ?


Hello Help us all expert guys


Please help us


Hello Help us all expert guys


Please my all expert friend need to help


I am not an expert. But I think the following points would be valuable.
There are lot of things happening in your design. Its too busy. Spacing is awkward in different areas. On the Home page, Home and Cart are selected in the menu, hows that possible? There are 3 types of texts on the slider, heading, sub-heading and body this confuses the user, I would ask you to stick with just two of it. Drop shadow 135 degree - please avoid. You may need to pick another yellow orange and turquoise green. Remove couple of advertisement boxes. On the product section use everything on the same background and have consistency across your design. Just a suggestion-on hover try blurring the background image. Get rid of the underline on the headings. Underlining only one word just doesn’t look right to my eyes.
Hope this helps.


Thank you so much for your good suggest my friend . i will try to customization again like you suggest .


Please suggest all expert guys …


Please suggest all expert guys …


Please suggest all expert guys …


Please suggest all expert guys .


Please Help


You should seriously improve your typography.


Thanks you so much buddy for your suggest . i will try to improved my typography . do you have another suggest buddy for me ?


Please Help


Maybe you should reply to your own thread another 25 times in the next few weeks, “Hello Help us all expert guys” in order to get more answers to your question. I’m sure this helps. [Sarcasm Off]