Shopkeeper - using demo install - parallax problem

Dear community
Sorry for what may have been asked many times. I am not a coder and own Shopkeeper them run on wpengine and have had no response from any of my paid support resources

i thought easiest for quick launch of simple product ecommerce site would be to replace the demo page content with my own ( some may find my inexperience to be making foolish choices but it is what its is)

My primary problems are
play as i might i can find no way for my image to display in full and clearly on the parallax sections ( any of them). I assume its just a template setting that i cannot resolve . not sure if there is documentation but i cant find it. i noted somewhere on the internet to use different large sized files eg 1800 x ( i forget) and have done so without success.

  1. Does anyone know how i would get a lar 1800 (or anything really) image to display correctly on the first shopkeeper parallax demo section. all my images are enlarged to and severly cropped and if i reduce image size it seems to simply reduce resolution rather than image display size to include more.

  2. can anyone give advice if there is a way to create a page that is identical to any of the demo pages but without content

I am using all current versions of
Mac os, Chrome
Word press on WpEngine with Shopkeeper them set to live on the demo install
Visual Composer, woo commerce and other minor plugins