Website Title Over Menu

Hey guys! Sorry if im posting this in the wrong section. I thought this is the right place to do it.

So I recently finished my website and I have a problem, that I didn’t even know I had before my girlfriend opened my site from her PC today.

But this problem wasn’t before.

So everyone else sees my home page like this:

But for me, everything is fine and I don’t see any problems with my PC and also from the incognito window:

Can someone help me with this? What could be the problem?


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


They are not replying. I had lots of problems with this theme and I did everything myself or Googled it because the product author is ignoring. And if I lave a review with a problem, I get only a message that I can ask for a refund if I don’t like something

And looks like many people in the last 3 months haven’t received support from the seller. You can see that by looking at the theme reviews.

It is because you are checking in large screen but your friend are checking in small screen device (as like in laptop). to fix it you have to check it in small screen resolution and have to set the space block accordingly (in the banner content you have used multiple space block to make space). otherwise you have to fix it through author help or ask them refund for the theme.

No, I have a big screen and also my smaller laptop. On my laptop, it still looks good as it is on a big screen.

I have that space block in the theme between the menu and that title, I took it out to check, maybe that just breaks the code or something, but when I take it out, the whole website becomes white and I can see only black letters on it.

Yeah, well, sounds like a refund, but if a seller is not replying to anything there is a very small chance for getting a refund.

Those screenshots look like different browsers?

I asked couple people to check from their Pc’s and also from different browsers. But everything is the same, Chrome the same, opera the same, Edge the same, Safari the same

The screens that you see are from Google Chrome. They look different because of the Chrome theme.

Have you tried clearing your cache?

Yeah, I tried that, but it didn’t work.

But now I fixed the issue. There were problems with the menu, as it is a widget not a part of the theme. So I just changed spacing and the widget height. But that is just some dirty fix.

The Website Title is always over the menu i tried to fix that issue but i cant do that.
Follow that link: