Problem with Upload

Hi, I have a problem with upload. After processing (during upload) I have “an error”. Is it only my problem with my computer?
thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Hi, can you post a screenshot? I’ve uploaded 2 minutes ago with no errors.

That’s strange, maybe you should try another browser or clear cache. Or use FTP, but I’ve never done this before. UPD: I’ve tried to upload just now, and it works fine (Chrome)

ok thanks for info, I use chrome too, most likely i have a problem with my computer.

Maybe files are somehow marked as “read only”, or are located in a folder where Chrome can’t get them from.


Please clear browser cacahe and try to upload again. May be there was an interuption when uploading your files.

If still your get the error then you can try ftp upload.


Hi, it’s very weird :)) I’ve uploaded files via my S10 mobile from OneDrive - without any problems, so I still have this problem when I’m trying upload via PC and 2 my laptops. so now I will try fix this issue. thanks for help