Problem with Envato Studio

Hi, I hired one artist for a job on Envato Studio, and whenever I want to see the work in progress I follow his link, but then I get this on top of the screen…

“Sorry, you are not authorized to view that page. Redirecting you to Envato Studio’s homepage…”

Does anybody know what could be the problem?

Did you figure this out? We are experiencing the same problem as well…

I would contanct Envato support - we have two accounts associated, messing everything up. They will fix it quickly for you.

Yes, it was just a problem with the login, for some reason I should be logged in with my other account, did not make sense to me, cause the job was concerning my main account, it was a gift for going Elite… but for the studio to work they wanted me to login with my other old non elite account…weird… :slight_smile: