Affiliate Program for Envato Studio | Cannot login. Account pending.


Hi there guys, I got a password to login on the affiliate program for Envato Studio but, when I try to login it says-- Cannot login. Account pending. – What does this mean do I have to wait or the account was not approved? Thanks in advance


Thanks for your post. Your Studio affiliate account has now been approved welcome aboard!
Feel free to email me any questions about best practices in promoting Studio as an affiliate.
Good luck!

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my tax information, saved credit cards, billing, envato studio and market author account information is up to date.
I sent the W8 form to but it was not answered.
my affiliate account is still pending approval.
What should I do?

Thank you for help.

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Try contact emile_b


Hi @GlobalLab,
I’ve emailed you in response to your question,


Hi! I’ve forgot my password and password recovery not sending any recovery link. Can you help me?


talk to emile_b

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Hi Emile! Could you please email me a password reset link for
I’ve tried but it didn’t help me.
Thank you!


How much time does it take to get approved for affiliate program? I am waiting since a month. Myself from India. Is it possible for Indians to get affiliate account approved?


Thanks for your post @akram786sk,
This depends on what affiliate program you have applied for. Are you looking to promote Envato Market, Elements or Studio?
There is no application process to refer items as an affiliate on Envato Market for example, you just need to generate a referral link using your username on this page -

If you have any further issues, feel free to email me directly at


I signed up for envato studio using this link with email id I thought I could use this script to sell envato scripts and themes online and earn at same time.


That is why, do you have any intentions of refer new users to Studio, if not I’ll remove your application,
Studio and Market affiliate programs are completely seperate programs run on different platforms too.

To refer themes and any other items available on Envato Market, please use this page to generate your referral link.
Hope this answers your query.
Many thanks