Problem with accented letters on Firefox (Salient Theme)


I created and maintained a website for a friend. I choose the Salient theme on wordpress.
Wordpress is up to date.
Salient is up to date.

Safari, Chrome and Firefox too, but I have a problem on accented letters only on Firefox.

I have change the typo but the problem persists. In the source, the accented letters are correctly displayed, but not on the viewport.

See this page by example





It looks like that the character é in “travaillé” is not the right “char”. Try to delete the word and type it in again. Did you copy&paste the text into WordPress from another editor like Word?

Hi borlabs, thanks for your answer.

I’ve try this, but still the same problem :frowning:
Yes this is probably a copy paste form word or something.

Try the following:

Copy the text from WordPress into Windows “Editor”, copy it back to WordPress.

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Yeah \o/

Ok I see the problem, I don’t know why but there are the accent and the letter, it’s weird but I understand.

Thanks !