alternate letters

how i can disable the alternate letters, how can I disable them and leave everything to the editor

we dont like use on the front page this case " This Is A New Article" we dont like the capital letter on each word… how can setup as the editor type?

the live site is

just a little try from my side. you can try by adding this css:
.nspArts .nspArt h4.nspHeader a {
text-transform: inherit !important;

in what file do I add those lines ^

into your website template any css file. you can add in bottom.

doesnt work, the problem is on frontpage, on full article works…

in which file have you added the css


try to add in

Done, but seems still doesnt work… maybe my cache? or will work on news articules in the future?

clear cache I can’t see the css you added in your website view source. please make sure you can see the css in borwser.

this is the css link

May be your server is showing from cache because when I see view source I can’t see the css. You can try wih this:

remove that css and go to line 1256 you will see:
.nspArts .nspArt h4.nspHeader a {
text-transform: capitalize;

replace text-transform: capitalize; with text-transform: inherit;

done… let see if you can see it, let me refresh cache from server…

i refresh CDN service to see is the css are updated… let me know

don’t need to attached screenshots. you did some wrong
line 1256 the code should look like this:
.nspArts .nspArt h4.nspHeader a {
text-transform: inherit;

ok i already do that… please check again

yes now I can see css and title is showing normal as you typed in editor. can you see it is working

we clean cache and still see the upper letters…

sorry! I have given you solution for this Title Capitalize:
So, you can make the css file as it was.

For the above screenshot capitalize fix go to line 767 you will see:
text-transform: capitalize;

make it:
text-transform: inherit;

well… cannot see your pic service…

but we update that

make it:
text-transform: inherit;
and still see the capitalize letter, maybe my isp cache or something… we wait a few minutes to see is that change works…

sorry! was wrong link check this

ok let me know the status. Thanks

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