Fonts different depending on browser/product


I am using the Entrepreneur theme for my website

The theme fonts is open sans which I really like. Unfortunately, when I open up my website on Chrome or Firefox I get a serif font instead. I’ve had similar issues when showing people my site on other devices - the serif font shows up on some of them. Any idea why different browsers/products are not showing the Open Sans font and what I could do to rectify it?


Contact with your purchase item author @Themovation right here as a comments hope they will help you out from your issue.


Thanks @unlockdesign! :slight_smile:

@Themovation are you able to help?

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I think your browser are not loading the font. Please clear browser cache and try again with internet connection on.


Thanks for the response @mgscoder. Unfortunately that didn’t work and I’m still getting the serif fonts on chrome and firefox :frowning:

please go to the theme comments page and post your query there. theme author will reply and will help you to fix it. Thanks

hi there! Sorry for the delay. Yes, we are happy to help. Please create a ticket for our team here:

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