Problem on Onair2: Radio Station page on menu list

Good evening i need your help, i bot in 2016 the onair2 tema, at that time when i upload it on my host space i remember i had many pages on my menu list.
Yesterday I download it again to install in a new phost and after i activate it on my menu was no page inside.
If u need some info like :Item ID, Item Purchase Code, Purchase Date or host info let me know.

It’s been long time, the theme may be updated and some features may be removed or the theme wasn’t updated at all and it may not be compatible with the latest version of the WordPress.

Contact the item for the problem - if they are still around, they may offer some help although you may be asked to “purchase support”

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Hi Kit hank for replay, the latest theme update was in January after i wrote this post i found the correct page to contact them directly.
Last Update 25 January 2024

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