Problem because of VAT, 0.21 more needed need help


Hey there,

the VAT-System is killing me :smiley:
I´m from Germany and wanted a 59$ Theme.

So i filled up my Account with 70$ (11$ VAT NICE), thats what it says i need.
After Depositing the Money into Envato Credits i wanted to Checkout…

Now it says i need 0.21 more…for real :confused:
I cant even pay this small fee with my Credit Card…i have to deposit 20 more x.x

I dont have 20 more on my CreditCard Balance so can anyone give me a Tip to get around these stu*** 0.21 VAT ._.

Thanks for any help you Guys can give


Strange that it would say $70 when 21% is more than that. Try and replicate the issue by going through the sales process, take a screenshot of it saying $70 and email it to support. If they’re giving you incorrect information which has resulted in this issue, then (I’d like to think that) they should help.


Support takes up to 4 Days ._.
It says every Time this:
Product $59.00
VAT: $11.21
Total: $70.21

I have 70$ Balance