VAT Issues

I am having a little problem that I could use some help with.
I recently purchased 2 themes from ThemeForest for worpdress and would like to send my accountant the invoices, however, in none of the ones I transferred, it has the percentage or the specific amount I paid for VAT. Either I get the total price without any division, or I get the price without VAT, without explaining that that is the price without VAT


That total amount in the image is the one without VAT, because I took off the 85€ which was the total of the purchase

There should be another invoice such as “buyer fee” or something else. First, find that ( it should be around 12$ )

Secondly, you can check the link below:

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In your screenshot is showing invoice only for a single item (Arredo & Item id is same there).

I think rest amount for the 2nd item which you missed to check the invoice.

please go to your Dashboard then statement Tab. you will find invoice(s) there.

You can also check: