Feedback for checkout process - a total mess

I just bought a theme from Theme Forest and would like to give some feedback for the checkout process.
It took me 30 minutes to purchase a single item. I was about to purchase an item somewhere else.

  1. There is no proper business payment way. Companies do not like credit card and complicated 3rd party payment suppliers such as Paypal or other unknown proviers. No invoice, no bank transfer.
  2. All payments are listed (for my item) in united stated dollars. What? Even the German VAT is listed in USD. I had to create a Paypal account, transfer 60 € to it, and transfer the rest back now. My accounting will love me.
  3. Suddenly, the item costs 50 USD instead of 48 USD. 2 USD added for all payment providers. Why these secret costs?
  4. For a single item, I get 4 invoices. Why??? How to explain that to my accounting? They will love me even more now.
  5. You are selling from Australia, so I guess with you EU VAT number you are applying reverse charge regardless if I supply my own VAT number. Reverse charge has to be stated in the invoice, but your 4 invoices do not state anything about it.
  6. I did pay in EURO, not USD. Your payment supplier exchanged the money for you, so I expect an invoice in the currency I paid in.

Sorry, but I have to say it - your payment process is a total mess! I would not buy again.

envato customer support team is the right team to ask your query. Please open Help ticket and let them know.