PRO information.

Hi guys,
Just wanted to give some feedback on the new inclusion of PRO registered music.
First off, I’m really happy about the changes. However, I was thinking there could be some improvements on the
visibility of our PRO. Firstly, I think there should be a way to have a default name of composer and publisher, so that we don’t have to type it in manually for every song. Secondly, I think it’s almost necessary to have information regarding the Authors IPI number (for BMI at least) and even their track registration number. What if there are composers with the same name, part of the same PRO? There needs to be a way to distinguish the authors from one another. If these additions are not possible, can we provide this information on the track description?

We can enter our ipi number along with our name in the ‘composer’ box, that’s what I’ve been doing anyway.
But you’re right, it would be much easier if we could enter this in our profile and it would appear in every item. It suppose that could get complicated, though, if one item had more than one composer, or if you wanted to use a pseudonym.

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Hi !! i have a stupid question…why there’s my profile ,with the same logo, cover, and itimes, also under themeforest and codcanyon?