Official track names and PRO update.

Hey. It doesn’t look like the naming problem we have with our tracks is going to change any time soon but with the updating and editing of track names to keep relevant in the search it can cause problems with royalty collection agencies as the incorrect information may be being passed on.

Would it be possible to have a section in the description dedicated solely to the PRO process which resembles a cue sheet and can include an actual track name that will correspond to our PRO instead of a search engine optimised name? I realise we can include our composer name but we need to add our CAE into this column as it doesn’t have its own dedicated place. I’m also personally a bit embarrassed that my tracks that are being used in advertising and TV are called ‘upbeat motivating rock’ etc. I can add all this in the description but I have a feeling it may get overlooked by some people who will pass on the search engine name instead. I had been putting the search engine name as the track name in my PRO but I had to keep updating them every time I edited it on here. Long process and there’s likely to be mistakes by myself and buyers, especially if they bought it before it changed…

It’s a bit of a messy, hit and hope process and I feel like it could do with an update. What else do people think and how are people currently managing their PRO information?


Good point. Maybe there should be a field for PRO track name, not only the “composer” and “publisher” fields. I would prefer this instead of PRO’s number of each track, because it’s more obvious to upload track first and after the review register it to PRO.

Isn’t CAE an old format? Now we should use IPI number. We can add this in the “Composer” field of each track.

BTW if broadcaster sends properly filled cue sheet, they should track you using IPI number and ask you for track with different title than registered. It’s quite messy, but they should find you. In a perfect world. Though it should be less messy, because mess = less royalties.

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This would be great. I generally put my IPI number in with my SOCAN registered name for Composer and Publisher fields here and I also put an actual title of the song in the readme file I include but to just have a proper place to put a proper name that isn’t “This Is Ambient Acoustic Guitar” or whatever the keywords are would be a little more professional…

Ah yeah, I meant IPI actually! It’s what I’ve been using next to my composer name.

And for example in my PRO (ZAIKS) changing/adding new title is sooooo difficult. I have to mail them, I can’t even do it online!

I can add additional track titles but it’s going to get so messy when I have loads of tracks with ‘upbeat, inspiring’. Impossible to keep track and expect buyers and broadcasters to get the title correct. Especially if I keep changing the title here.

Its a GREAT idea to add a PRO track name field, or just an original track name field so all authors can add a real track name if they want. The field does not even need to be searchable, just there to help authors and customers.

This would look much more professional for customers that actually wants to credit music and advertise for AJ tracks. Does anyone know who in Envato could be tagged to bring this simple idea further?

I just registered all of these lame generic keyword titles (like uplifting rock) at my PRO and make a point to never change the AJ title.

I would be very careful with playing with 2 titles - one for the AJ search engine and one separate “real title” for PRO.
This will just confuse you, and customers and mistakes will be made
So if you upload Inspiring corporate uplifting ambient minimal background - just register Inspiring corporate uplifting ambient minimal background at your PRO and never change the title ever again. Leave it alone forever. Live with your title.

My point is this: if a client licenses Inspiring corporate uplifting ambient minimal background for broadcast usage and files a cue sheet or reports TV commercial usage with the PRO in their country, that is the exact title they will report. Make it as easy as you can on the customer reporting broadcast usage.

I register 2 titles with BMI.
Original title: Inner Fire
Alternative title: Stylish and powerful indie rock

The buyer/broadcaster can enter either one of them, and it will still be fine.

That works too.

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I hope one sunny day this title nonsense will come to an end, so I can switch back to original titles without causing damage and confusion.

  • it’s great to have tracks registered this way, in case you decide to sell your tracks on some other library where it is not allowed to have a “Inspiring Cinematic Hip-Hop Indie Pop Rock Commercial” title. You still have original genuine title registered, so you’re good to go.

I can also add additional title names at my PRO so will continue to have an original name and search engine name. I agree with everything said but the problem with leaving a search engine optimized name and never changing it is if you’ve picked a name that’s either too obvious or too obscure it hardly ever gets found. I’ve had good success in adding different words to my title and tinkering with less successful tracks over time.

I second the notion of tagging somebody at Envato to read this thread.

How about having a real track name. 5 main tags. Then 30 additional tags? So this is adding an additional layer on top but essentially the search engine works the same.


Track name - Feeling the Groove.
Main tags - Upbeat, groovy, inspiring, funk, rock
30 tags - guitar, funky, inspiring, advertising etc…

In a perfect world your suggestion would be the best, but that probably needs some search engine implementation which makes it a much bigger project?

The easier option is just to add a «search engine dead» info field (like publisher or composer) which authors could add a «real name» totally optional, maybe just call it «alternative track name» to avoid confusion for customers who are focusing on the tag title name?

That’s kind of what I’m saying. The real track name is what shows up but it doesn’t have an effect on the search engine. But the 5 tags would represent what our search engine named tracks would have previously been but is now not visible to the public.

Just clears up the mess and makes it look way more professional.

Ok, yeah I totally agree this would be the best. Depends of course if Envato wants “original names” to show up in the search engine. Right now there´s not so many original names either…