Composer name and IPI number in the license file?

I think it’s obvious that composer name and IPI number of PRO registered authors should be generated automatically in the license file. Am I right?

I received license file from one of my buyers (he wanted some custom edits) and right now I do not see that data in the license. Please write down what you think and I will follow this topic to ENVATO directly.

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Completely agree. For PRO music, composer name and IPI is an integral part of the license and therefore should be included in the license document.

This should be simple: We already enter the name of the composer when we upload music so just use that data for the license file.

In fact, the license file should always include the composer’s name, also in the case of non-PRO music, as the “author” (i. e. the uploading person) and the actual composer need not necessarily be the same, for example in composer/producer collaborations.

So the easiest solution would be like this: If no composer is specified during upload use “author” name for license document, otherwise use the composer entered in the field.

I agree. In that scenario PRO can contact author even if they are not sure who exactly is a composer.