Prices for Web Templates

I want to build a web site for a friend. Looking for an online store template. Friend will use and host site himself but will NOT resell site (my work is free)

Are the prices for the templates a One-Time charge or are they annual charges? If you buy a template do you own the code to edit and adapt as desired? Do we have to use envato to host the site? someone describe exactly what you get?

NOTE: support and updates are only available to the purchasing account so it’s usuakky better to have the client buy the item themselves

  • you can edit code as required

  • each license (purchase) allows ONE use on one site. Each new project or site requires a new license

I am looking for a web page that will have an intro page with menu to go to specific pages (foods, drinks, etc). Each of these pages would have many items for whatever the main menu had. For instance, the drinks menu would have individual items with prices like coke $2.99, mtn dew $$, etc)

  1. Can you direct me to one of your demos that matches what I am looking for?

  2. What language are the pages written in?



  1. You won’t find something that basic (assuming you have the inner specific pages already).

  2. You could easily build an intro like that using nay multipurpose template

  3. You can choose on the left if you want WP, HTML etc.