Preview Resolution

Hi. Iā€™m new here. I would like to ask you what is preview resolution for Adobe After Effects. I find in article ( Link ) that " Create an H.264 MP4 or FLV version of your video at 1920x1080 and overlay the VideoHive when applicable." However in upload menu is 960x540 or less. Which one is right? 950x540 is too small :confused:

Can I connect preview in main zip - assets?

Thanks very much for answer :slight_smile:

Although it says 960x540 you can upload a FullHD preview. It will be shown in a 960x540 box unless the user clicks fullscreen button, though.

As the watermark is in FullHD as well it looks like videohive does now officially encourage FullHD previews, regardless of the selection in the upload form.

Thank you very much for your answer!