What is the best settings for Videohive preview videos

Hi guys just wondering. What is the best settings in AE or Adobe Media Encoder to create videohive previews without getting an incredibly large file. Is it a must that all previews be 960x540 or 640x360 for upload?

I mean having to change the resolution from 1920x1080 in AE to 960x540, I lose a good bit of video quality, then again in the final output file from AME. Also my preview video had a file size of 302mb… (this is from a 4:13sec video). Can anyone help point me in the right direction to getting some better results. Like for example some of the video previews on VH looks amazing with some pretty small file sizes. Im using the most recent version of AE and AME.

Thanks in advance

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For Preview I always used 960x540 FLV

hey chinmay3d… in which one AE or AME? and your project previews look really clean. What kind of settings do you use. Thanks

I use 960x540 MP4 at 3Mbps. Does the job.

Thanks for the response. Can you describe your process? Do u render in AE or AME.

AME mainly, as there’s no native MP4 option in the most recent versions of AE. I just tick all the ‘render at highest quality’ boxes, set it to 3Mbps and that’s it. Good to go!

AE Cs5

If you use Bitrate [kbps] 7000 then also get almost same quality with low file size