PrestaShop Theme Speed Problems and Envato


I’ve been a member of envato for years and now I hit a big problem.
I bought this theme for a customer:

Because speed is something more and more important I chose this theme because it advertised something like “SPEED OPTIMIZED”
The problem is that the theme besides several problems with translations has speed problems. It takes 10 seconds for the server to start responding. The support team constantly ignores the facts and shifts responsibility or plays dead.
I have already hired some developers and after several attempts they always say that the problem is the theme and that they cannot do more with it.

I left a bad Review on the theme envato page and someone decided to remove it, I don’t know who or how or why.

-I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions for my technical problem. In addition to using another theme.
-I would like to have some suggestion on how to report this kind of problems to the envato, because I don’t want anyone to fall into the same situation as me. In fact, I think it was very important if Envato adopts some kind of speed sertification in the themes. Of course, the speed depends on several factors, but that way we the buyer knew that at least the theme part was approved and out of the equation.

Thank you all for your time.

Is it different than this result?

Mine is even better in scoring after optimization. Mine in average is 12 seconds to load where 10 seconds are waiting for the server’s response. In the demo as you can see it takes more than 7 seconds to get a response from the server.

This is mine after having someone working on it:

The item page doesn’t state “SEO Friendly” but there’s statement at the item demo page. The catch is, it doesn’t say the page load in few seconds, it states about the “products”

Hi @empresa87

From what I see in that theme demo:

the page loads a bit slowly because the page first waits for all JavaScript libraries to load before being displayed. To avoid this, you can use a “Defer parsing of JavaScript” plugin. This will improve the overall performance of the website.

Another thing you can do for performance for a shop website (like yours, probably) is to optimize images. Images shot with cameras nowadays have a huge resolution -> huge file dimensions…

To optimize images, there are some software applications like Adobe Photoshop - or you can optimize images using online platforms (like or )

Another option to optimize images is to use a plugin which automatically opimizes the images you upload on your website in the admin area.

I’m not good at Prestashop, I don’t really know what plugins to recommend, but I’m sure there are many plugins that can accomplish the points mentioned above.

Hi hevada
On my website I have the javaScript cache option active and it doesn’t solve the problem. Thanks anyway for the advice.