Paradise theme

I recently purchased a Paradize theme for my travel website. Despite repeated configurations and edits, the website does not seem to get enough speed due to the following reasons:

  1. Issues in combining external Java Script.
  2. Issues in combining external CSS.
  3. Query strings

The website has very slow load time and has a rank score of C and often D and has over 155 requests. I ran it over the google web page test and other online website audit services but the issues remain the same.

Need some assistance from the Envato, ASAP.

Thank you.

There are numerous themes with that name so it’s impossible to check the original.

Have you looked to see if the demo on here is slow too or is it just the version you have installed?

Your first point of contact should be the theme author (again not knowing exactly which theme it is we can’t advise on how best to reach them) as they support items not envato.

Usually authors will try their best to help but as this would be outside the scope of support, you should check that it is the theme and not the hosting being used, as a result of any amends made or other plugins added etc.