premiere pro fx plugins extension

I bought this to hopefully have some music files to put on my videos, I can only find two files and the music maker does not work very well, cant move it around on the timeline, anyway I might have bought the wrong thing, any help or advice?

Not sure if you have the proper extension.

If you only see 2 music files then you did not fully install the extension properly or install incorrectly.
There should be close to 70 full music scores of different genres: Film, Advertising, Corporate, Holidays, Trailers…etc

And the Music studio is just click onto instrument and it goes into your timeline. Very simple and fast. You should be able to move your .wav tracks. The inability to move your audio tracks around would be an issue with your Premiere install or timeline, not the extension. Once the file is inside your timeline, video and audio should move around. It could be your track in your timelines are locked. If your timeline tracks lock you can unlock by going to the left side of the timeline and hit the unlock icon.

And if you have any questions or need help feel free to contact me via my profile here: PHANTAZMA's profile on VideoHive

Here is a quick video on the Music Studio and Sound Studio category:

Thank you!