cannot add the downloaded song to my project

Hi, i am new here. Need help. Just downloaded 2 songs together with the licences but when trying to add them to my project, it shows like there is nothing to add. Can anybody help me to figure it out please? :slight_smile:
I also downloaded 1 song twice.
Thanks in advance

hello! describe more specifically what your problem is

I downloaded 2 songs together with licences, but when I go to my project and try to import any of the 2 songs the folder shows empty, tried to drag them in to the project but still nothing. The program is Adobe Pro.

Hi Masha. I’m wondering if you are trying to import the .zip file into Premiere…

The downloaded file after a purchase is a .zip archive and the audio files contained inside it need to be extracted before they can be used in your video editing software. To do this in windows, simply double click the .zip file in windows explorer and drag and drop the contents to your project folder.

Oh God… can’t believe it, that is actually what I did :joy:. Thanks so much :pray:.

On the other hand does it make any difference that I downloaded 1 song twice or not?

Thanks again for your help


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Glad to help Masha.

Once you purchase an item, you are free to download it from your account dashboard as many times as you wish.

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

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