Cant import music audio to capcut

I recently purchased a music track from audiojungle to use as background music for my video. But when I try to import it or drag and drop it into capcut it wont do it. I tried with both the wav and mp3 file and none of them will import.

How am I supposed to use it in my videos if I cant even edit them?

I tried emailing audiojungle and capcut and its been 2-3 days now and I havent heard back from any of them yet.

i found this

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Thats how you do it on the phone but I am on pc and it should work no matter what you use.


I tried that too and the audio files dosent even show up when I go to the place where I save them. I tried other editing programs as well and its same issue I have.
Something has been done to the audio files which prevents me from editing them.

I usually work on Premiere and never had a problem with audio files, i don´t know how work Capcut.

OMG I figure it out now. It was because I had not unwraped the zip folder, after I did that I could finally import the files. I didnt know you had to do that I never had issues with drag and drop from zip folders but it works now :sweat_smile:

Thank you for trying to help me :+1:

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That happens to me sometimes. :joy:

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