PowerPoint Presentation Submission Requirement

Hi there,
I am new here on Envato and I submitted my first PowerPoint Template but got rejected,
Can anyone share tips on how to get a PowerPoint Template accepted on Envato?
I appreciate your contribution

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Please upload here power point demo for we can help you, thanks.

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Here are some slides preview for your perusal, thanks again for your help

  1. The typography of this item is really bad. You need to improve it before resubmission. This is the main issue of this item.

  2. Take a look at the PowerPoint Presentation Template Submission Requirements article from Envato.

  3. You can also check some approved items and learn how to deal with typography/hierarchy, colors etc.

Good Luck

Thanks a lot for your criticism,
But when you talk about typography are you talking about fonts style, spacing, size, color or else?

Yes, These are the issues. And they are not the only ones.

Spacing is another one. Quick example:


Okay I see, thanks a lot

Lesmoutamba, Its good that you have come up with a unique design for your work and some customers might like it so that they can be different. But as a new designer, I would advise you to first follow trending or prevailing design style and on the way, you will start to bring your own style. The problem here is that people have different view including evanto reviewers. So do check what others did and start with that. Thank you Les.

Les, another thing I have noticed on your slide with tittle “Our Team”, left and right images have been streched inside and make the person appear to be narrowed. So correct that also for all images with that nature. One reason for the image to appear that way is when you have insert image and then you adjust shape while there is an image. to correct this just delete image (if you used master slide) and reinsert again. If you did not use master slide I advice you to use master slides for all slides that requiere a customer to insert image.

Other things that might not be on the slides you posted but may affect your review including:

Failure to include necessary documentation
Using your name in the template name
Bad arrangement of files on your package
I advise you to go back to the upload requirements to see what you missed other than design.

thank you

Hi XFileDesign, thanks for your comments, they are really helpful and I do appreciate. Sorry for replying late.

I do have further questions :

  1. Where can I download images ?
  2. When submitting the template should I remove all images from the template or I should just upload it including pictures

Thanks for your consideration.