My presentation template job was not approved

Hey. Im new to envato but already ran into a problem.
My presentation template job was not approved and until now I still don’t know where the situation lies.
I have tried to find a solution but I can’t find a solution.
I hope anyone can help and provide a solution to me.

thank you

• Total Slides: 58 Slides
• All graphics resizable and editable
• Used and recommended free web fonts
• Based on Master Slides
• Vector icons included
• 16:9 Wide Screen Ratio
• Picture Placeholder
• Just Drag and Drop!
• Easily Editable!
Files Included
• PowerPoint .PPTX file
• Documentation File

hi i think that the global style is a little bit flat in the first place, pls keep in mind that there are more and more people to create this kind of item and that the more people and items u have in a category, the more u will be expected to bring something a bit new to the table so that items are starting to be interesting indeed. Then, u have some issues about readability here and there, some texts and not always necessarily super outstanding and not popping out as expected and in the worst cases , due to the lack of contrast between the background color and the text or the complex background - like when the text is crossing an image for instance - and the text, then the concerned text become hardly readable indeed and what is the point of a presentation and of some texts in particular if the mentioned texts are not readable? I guess u will also easily identify that this sort of issues have a real impact on the hierarchy of information too and the more text look like title or subtitles or captions and the more they will be expected to easily seen and the more , consequently , the lack of contrast and visibility will be a problem-making issue in your presentation. I also i would like to point some incoherence. One o the things that u are expected to do in such a work is to keep constant the styles that u make according to categories and so on … look for instance a good example - i mean apart from the fact that this is a bit too redondant if u ask me - this is the the terms “about our company” is being repeated many times and from one time to the other they do not have the same size and the same decoration either, once u have “about” in yellow color (pretty unreadable by the way) and another time this is appearing as way bigger than all the other times and hard to figure out what is the logic behind this. Pls keep in mind that this is corporate items, discipline is a much required thing for such items. People buying and using presentations will be looking for not to have things like this to correct but just to edit texts, so that they can save time too (and the more they will feel like they can save time and the more likely people will be to buy an item). You are thus much expected to arrange everything by category perfect well , to have all the times and subtitles at the same size, to have the same spacing everywhere depending on the nature of the element (title , subtitle and so on). I also BTW fail to understand why some blocks of texts are flagged on the left when some other are completely justified. Finally , i am conscious that this is a corporate item and that for this matter discipline and so on are required, as well as seriousness by the way , but i tend to believe all the same that a little touch of slight fantasy here and there in the typo would help to generate more relief, catch a bit more attention and also emphasize some elements