Possible virus/keygen file in one of the December Friday Freebies: Cemrox POS AC

Found a Virus/Keygen in one of the Freebies for December 23, 2022: Cemrox POS AC - Comprehensive Point of Sale. https://codecanyon.net/item/cemrox-pos-ac-comprehensive-point-of-sale/39666579

URL of the Freebies for December 23, 2022 page: Friday Freebies — December 23, 2022 on ThemeForest.

It has a Keygen file for cracking/patching something that might have other nasty stuff.

Where can I report this for Envato to remove it? (even more so as it’s being given for free.)

How did this not get noticed by Envato?

Virus location: is at: codecanyon-39666579-cemrox-pos-ac-comprehensive-point-of-sale.zip\Cemrox POS AC - CodeCanyon\Redist\Required\DevExpress KeyGen\DevExpress_Patch_Keygen_v2.5.0_DFoX.exe

As can be seen from Sophos antivirus:

Virustotal also flags it: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c5460701f45d70e8b7255195ee08d15d87aa7847562ca27a6b5cd0c803418f5d

Screenshot of virustotal:

Hi @Raykai,

Please open an Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to check it from their side.


Hello @Raykai ! :slight_smile:
Sorry for inconvenience, We build source-code using Developer Express Library. :slight_smile:

We only give KeyGen for people who need to test it. But they need to buy a DX:WinForms license to change or use our source-code. :slight_smile:

In next version we will delete that KeyGen!. So people who need to use our source-code they need to use Trial version of DX directly. then get a license when they need. :slight_smile:

Currently we add Rebranding Tool, So you don’t need to compile source-code itself!, Rebranding tool will generate Point of Sale Setup.exe with your company logo, name, icon.
For more information about new Rebadning Tool: visit CodeCanyon profile.

Thank you much dear, and sorry for error message you got. :slight_smile: