CodeCanyon Free File of the Month CiuisCRM: Envato license key is not installed

I have downloaded grab item of this month Cicuis CRM.
Whenever i am installing this app, we need to envato license key beacuse i haven’t any license key of envato.
After downloaded i can’t use this app. Please help me.

My user name is : umaenvato, full name : Umashanker Vishwakarma


You have downloaded the free file of the month. free file of the month not coming with license key (purchase code). but the plugin should to work fine without license key, just ignore the plugin license activation message.

If you really need the license key (because if you register the license then you will get free 6 month author support and plugin autoupdate features) you can purchase the plugin and you will get license key (purchase code).


Hi @umaenvato

Just I have found it in the item details page.

December Codecanyon Giveway

Once you have downloaded, create a support ticket on the below link, to get a license key. Link:

Don’t forget to give your email and Codecanyon username

So, please do the above to get the license key.


This app demand the envato license key. I have link provided below
See this problem and please solved it

please check my last rely. app author give a solution in the item details page. Thanks

Hello, this product is not available for download for me.

currently your concerned item free download has revoked. CodeCanyon specialist team is currently looking into the free file issues.

Ok thanks for the return

Hi @lucasbuetto!

Due to an issue with the previous item, CodeCanyon’s December “Free File of the Month” item was changed yesterday. The new free file (available until December 31) can be found here:

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Thanks @BenLeong!