Portfolio issu (loading images) with The7 theme

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m new at building webpages and using Wordpress in general…

Here’s the description of my issue:

Using The7 theme on Wordpress, I’m trying to build an artist portfolio (which is the center purpose of my website). “Add new” in my portfolio section is not an issue.

I have set a “Page” for my portfolio, linked with the menu, all that works. My “Page” for portfolio is only a block with “The7 WPBakery Page Builder” using “Portfolio Justified Grid”. So far, so good.

The issue I have is when we browse the website, that grid is loading images forever, images never shows (or, if they do, once, they are not showing the next time; really random). Once you click on one of the items, you can enter the page and view it with no problem… and opening one usually fixes the front page viewing of the grid of images… But if you get out of the website and come again, the images are gone and seems to be loading forever…

If needed, you can check what I mean on DemieLuneArt.com (the issue is more often happening in the French / portfolio section… for a reason I can’t explain, it works more often in the English page :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

Thank you for checking :wink: :slight_smile: