New images not working in portfolio grid (img src = empty)


I’m updating a website build up in 2015/2016 but am facing problems with new images being displayed in the portfolio grid. I’m using NOTIO THEME but ticket support is no longer available. Somehow the img source is just empty. All old images are working but not the new ones. I updated WP Bakery Visual Composer to Version 5.0.1 and Wordpress to 4.8.2 but still the same problem. The image root is correct, no error report within the console. The image source is just empty.

<img src="" width="" height="" alt="image name">

Additionally I disabled all third party plug-ins and re-added the images to the portfolio items.
I’ve no clue at all.
Thanks for any help!

Hi @mirkolas,

Welcome to the forums! It looks like Notio theme is supported constantly, if you have problems with accessing authors’ support ticket system, please report it via their “Support” or “Comments” section:


Hi Lucas,
thanks for feedback. Purchase code isn’t valid anymore. So I either have to extend support or get a new license. Only chance to post a comment. So far no feedback. I’ll give it some further days.