Plug-in for our needs | Streaming

Hi there.

We have a website where we make our own educational animations movies and this site is set up in wordpress.
Now we have MANY plug-in to suit our needs, but we still dont have the functionality that we want.

Now we use: HSS (Host Stream Sell) to host our movies and setting them up in Woocommerce and we set the price we need. We use HSS ONLY because there i can set how many days the movie will be available for the customer. (We have 10 days pr video before you have to buy it again).

Then we use Membership Pro Ultimate WP to give users role and restrict page access for those who have bought a licence (This licence will end 28,June EVERY YEAR.

But now the thing we have struggled with.

When we use HSS, users can buy a movie.
The problem here, when the user buys this movie, he has to go back to the purchas page and go into the movie again and the “Trailer” that was under the movie has now been replaced with the full movie.

This is not user friendly at all.

So what we need is:

  • Can buy movies with days restriction(Set amount of days available for the user)
  • The movies will end up in a menu “My Movies” or something after purchase and will be removed after set days.
  • User roles and purchase of a licence that will end at a set date every year.
  • Page restriction to get access to certain pages with a licence bought.

We don’t care that it is many addons.
The most important for us NOW is to get the movies they bought into a set page so they can find it easily.

Are there anything ut there that i can use?
I have been searching for several months and tried ALOT of addons.


Hello ,

If is not a secret can you send me link from your site? Where you put that movies? On your local server on on some private Vimeo or Youtube channel?
On woocommerce you have option where you can choose how much days is some virtual product valid and other options.
Maybe you will need to take some custom changes.


Website is in Norwegian so i do not know if you could navigate and understand it :slight_smile:

I put the moves up on HostStreamSell and it gets linked to the Wordpress site trough their plugin.
I would much more like if there are maybe 2-3 plugins i could use instead of 6 plugins as i have today.

I will put on Google translate and check site.

On first look . You have old version of WP and Flatsome template. I don’t know who is made that site but it is not look professional .
I would make on another way. You have right to use xy days movie after that you will shutdown that link. I dont know why you use membership plugin and that outside HSS .
Too much complication.
I don’t know do you have some budget? I can make redesign whole site and make different setup.

Hi and thanks for your input.

I know it does not look beautiful.
Membershp plugin is used to give users access to a “licence” that will end 28.June every year that gives them access to a page.

Is there anyway i can do this in wordpress alone and not with a plugin?

My budged is pretty low since this is a startup and not much to go on.

Again you have option in Woocommerce where you can give access in days so you don’t need that plugin. And after 365 days user will not have access to video.

If you want you can contact me and tell me your budget.

I never found any options in Woocommerce where customers could pay for access to a page without buying a woocommerce addons from Woocommerce itself.

I think that you have wrong setup your plugin for membership. On your site I can buy only video I cant buy how you say license and have access to all videos one year.
You have my contact and you can contact me if you want.