Video on Demand / Video CMS (with ffmpeg encoding) OR Wordpress plugin

I have a personal project going on. For me and my friends to watch some movies online.

This is my current solution: Using command-line, Transmission-bt - download video files, convert with ffmpeg, move to wp directory, import to Wordpress media library, then manually add it to my player inside of WP and into a page. It’s a real hassle and quite time consuming.

I would like to automate some of this with a stand-alone software or a wordpress-plugin. Especially the encoding and adding to database part. Possibly add some additional info automatically to each video (imdb, thumbnail, splash etc.).

I have been looking at CinemaRex. It looks amazing! But it seems like a lot of money for a small personal project.

What I’m not looking for: YouTube-like software. Think more Netflix.

Thank you in advance and have a blessed day!