Pls, help me.

Hi, i can`t upload a track to Music Category.

Can you be more specific ?


  1. You should be in audiojungle marketplace only.
  2. I had some problem when i used opera. Upload botton was invisible :ghost:
    PS Check your browser and marketplace area. Cheers! :smiley_cat:

Yes. Try to use another browser

Problem this:


You must select wav or mp3, or both, if your main file contain both formats.
P.S. Actually wav file is mandatory.

Exactly! I had the same problem the first time. I did not understand that it is necessary to mark it. :joy:

Use ctrl+click)

I also had the same problem when I started.

It’s not clear at all.

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Try to include audio file?:slight_smile:

Do you think he didn’t include Zip and Preview mp3 ? :flushed:

No he included the files but if you don’t highlight the WAV word, it comes back with this error.

I’m just kidding:)

Anton, you must work more harder !!! And don’t sleep at all ! :joy:

Revenge? :slight_smile: No, I do not want to be a zombie:))

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This might help.

Welcome to the jungle friend!