Little help please - "Audio Files Included must be set"

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and trying to upload my first item.

Apparently only one step left when it said: “Audio Files Included must be set”

I have 2 main files (mp3 & WAV in full version) that are contained within a ZIP folder. i also describe the 2 files in the description box and add the duration time as required.

Could anyone please help me understand how can i solve this problem?

Best Regards,

Merav Gilad

Hi ! Do you have an error when uploading the track?

See also here AudioJungle General File Preparation Guidelines


Yes i do. please see the attached pictures

Thank you so much!!

I do not see them . :slight_smile:


This message means that you have not checked the audio type. There is a box with “mp3” and “wav”, you need to highlight appropriately (both in your case)


Great help! now it’s working!

Many thanks

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