Please tell ME Why my items rejected one by one?! And who is behind the reviewer team?!

Hi my friends,

Please give me feedback and reply. I have recently sent 3 wp themes in the last 3 months. All were rejected one by one! And I just got an answer that " both design and typography look a bit poor and ‘WordPress’ has high standards in terms of aesthetics."!!!

I’m very very unhappy with the reviewer team!! It is my right to know what the problem is! I works on a product for months and simply has been rejected without telling me any details!!! I spent my time, my life, and my job!

Who are on the reviewer team?

Please help. I am very unhappy with Envato!

Rejected 3 weeks ago:

Rejected today:

@charlie4282 , @lsvrthemes, @ki-themes , @benleong , @bethanyg3 , @mgscoder , @Ivor , @KingDog , @rosssimpson

Also, I added some new and unique features and widgets for Elementor like sliders that you can see in the demo.

Links don’t work


Gtmetrix for screenshot and show healthy:

Cleared cache but it’s not loving those links

Links work fine for me on Google Chrome

Links are accessible!

Could you check it?

Perhaps because you keep copying everyone else’s work…poorly!?

Copy?!! Why do you think my works are copied?!! Do you have worked with my themes? My themes have a completely unique structure and features. Header, Footer, archive, 404, Sidebar … builder with Elementor and so.
And rich query builder for post widgets. Also, each Elementor widget has a lot of options and combinations, and details. So why do you tell this?!

Keep trying, analyze the latest entries in your category and try to figure it out, also keep asking here on the forum maybe other experienced authors can help.

Do not take offense, Envato gets items approved very very difficult these days.

Don’t give up, work hard, have patience and never ever argue with the reviewer if he is saying that something is not good agree and find a way to fix it, hopefully, you will get a good reviewer!

Take care. Tibi - FWD.


Thanks a lot. I believe my new items can compete with newly accepted items.
I can’t see any problem with my design in my own opinion. Please tell me if you see any problem and advise me.

So, I miss personality and identity in your design. You want to sell it as “Elegant” but it doesn’t convey an elegant style.

The images used are random and putting all of them together makes the layout look lost, without identity. The images are a crucial point where it is intended for what style you want to give to the project.

Rethink the typography as well.

I didn’t see all the pages but when I clicked on them for the first time I already found a problem with your header on home page 18, you opted for a stretched header but see that there is no spacing on the sides, your logo and social networks are at the edge of the screen.

You see there is a lot to be done when mentioning these issues above, add all of this and a few other details that I did not look into, you will see that this project should be rejected hard.

There’re too many blog items similar on the marketplace already. You need to provide something better.

Thank you but my item has some unique features and designs that you can see them on the demo homepages.
It can compete with some recently accepted themes.

Many thanks for your feedback. All images are about fashion and styling and they are not random.

There are 22 homepages in the Ruxi theme demo and each page has a different header and footer. Homepage 18 has stretched design for the header with 10px padding for the columns. You can see this structure and spacing on some other themes. While some other homepages have another style and structure for the header.

If you have any other feedback please tell me. This make me happy.

Thanks a lot :heart:

I just had a quick look at Ruxi.
I seems all your internal pages are pretty much identical.
Same images and text laid out the same way.
Same tall pic of woman in red dress on the left and 3 not-so-tall paragraphs.
It seems you haven’t put no where near the same effort on the internal pages as you have on the home pages which look pretty good,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Are you have seen the homepages? All have a different styles and features.

People just don,t need home pages. The pages that link from your home pages need to also look good. The home page is one out of possible 100’s of pages on a site. They are important too.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. :heart: