Authors, please help :)


Our WP theme was rejected by Envato. (isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward)

So far so good :slight_smile:

I’ll miss the moment where complaining how we are surprised, how unfair is, making it XX months, etc.

Please authors, look at the demo and tell us what changes you think are necessary to be done in order to get approved.

Any suggestions, positive criticism and recommendations are more than welcome.

Demo Link

P.S. all requirements described here and here are met!

Entro Solutions

Аnyone? :slight_smile:

Hello EntroSolutions!

The reviewer is right, it doesn’t really meets the minimum standards for Envato Market.

  • The font combination is awful, and dull colors makes the overall visual hierarchy looks even worse…
  • The fluid sections looks shrinked and inferior, backgrounds and colors are boring.

In short words, the overall design misses premium feel and look, take a look at latest accepted items on Themeforest and top sellers, you’ll see how much their overall design differs, let that be your guide.

Don’t give up, good luck!

Check this theme for instance

Make it more exciting, there’s too much tiny text on homepage and sections are a bit boring. I know lawyers don’t look for excitement but ad more spice to it so that you offer something new on the market.

Cheers and keep your spirits up!

Hi again,

Thanks a lot @LeoneDesign , @NordWood :slight_smile:

Now we are working on many updates, so both opinions were very important to us.

Thanks again!
Entro Solutions