Please Help! Why this happening

Look guys, this is not normal.

1 ) Upload in JPG(JPEG) format

  1. Upload in PNG format.

In PNG format Preview image looks normal. has problem with formats photo?

hi, check to be sure that you save both in cmyk or rgb mode actually first one seem to be in rgb more and second one in cmyk saved. And to save you some waiting time i do not think this meet their quality standard and pretty sure it will be rejected but you can try your luck im not a reviewer.

Sorry but I don’t understand. Sorry for my English) Could you repeat moment where you say about CMYK & RGB colors/ Please clearly/

with what software are you doing your logos ?

Adobe Illustrator

BoomCoding I understand what you mean. I need to do logos in CMYK colors but save Preview image in RGB colors/ righ?

BoomCoding Thank you so much I understand my problem) Thank you, I think that you are good man. Good luck)