CMYK preview image

Am I the only one, who is aked by the reviewer to upload a CMYK preview image? Which everybody knows that CMYK does not look accurate and good at all on online browsers.

The point is that the CMYK preview image in the browser does not look my original CMYK print flyer on psd. It looks bad.

What should I do?

hi buddy, well as for i know this looks legitimate … lots of guys make rgb previews of their works , because they are much more punchy visually and thus impressive , when works are normally meant to be printed and that are thus normally requiring CMYK colors … which is not supposed to be more accurate …

The RGB preview is the most accurate because, you use the cmyk original jpegs, in your mock-up. This would make sense, if you would design 2 separate projects, one in RBG and one in CMYK, and then choose to display RGB.


  1. All works that is meant to be printed is going to be CMYK.
  2. If you transform a CMYK image into an RGB image, nothing is going to change, no shifting colors, no punchy vibes, it just remains the same, only difference that now is RGB. (again this is the preview image, you are not printing this)
  3. Most, if not all browsers do NOT support CMYK images, this means that the browser color management will display something else, if you put CMYK images on browser.


this is still in case u are showing it in a mock up … i personally do not recommend this as they want us to have light pages to be indexed more easily and so that no one backs up after waiting for too long, though, we can wander what is the thing they did with this new banner in our pages and accounts that are not useful but that cause pages to have increased weight …