Please help - purchased wrong version of an item

I bought the wrong version What should i do I am using final Cut pro please help me. I picked it up once but it came up for me to buy 2 times and I deleted the wrong one. Please help me

Hyper - Graphics Pack | Premiere Pro What i bought

Hey, no worries - in such cases you can ask for a refund by Envato support: Envato Market Help Center

I’ve had a few sales refunded this way when customers had bought the wrong version, so they do process the refunds eventually. But this might take a few days…

So while you’re waiting for the refund to come through - if your budget allows a second purchase, you could purchase the Final Cut Pro version here:

Alternatively, you could try sending the author a message via the email form on their profile: EasyEdit's profile on VideoHive

Explain that you bought the wrong version, and the author might send you the correct version via email. (they will see your Premiere pro purchase on the marketplace automatically).

I hope this helps! :wink:

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I have already refunded the money. But I’m not sure if I’m doing it right.

I am Thai and I am not good at English.

Can you help me

What help do you need if you have already refunded your money?

I have the same problem as you

I bought the right one, I'm afraid I won't get my money back

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